Whole Brain Thinking

Understanding thinking preferences

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Whole Brain Thinking Pty Ltd

is the exclusive licensee for the Neethling Brain Instruments (NBI™), the most comprehensive battery of whole brain thinking instruments in the World.

This website is the source of the NBI™ and should provide everything you need to know about the NBI™ and its application.

Our aim is to help individuals understand their thinking preferences and the implications so they can make personal and professional decisions that result in increased performance, productivity, and satisfaction.

Help individuals and organisations to:

  • Increase individual productivity
  • Enhance organisational performance
  • Strengthen customer and client relationships
  • Establish better job and person matching
  • Build and lead effective teams

Get an indication of how an individual:

  • Does business
  • Acts toward other people
  • Communicates
  • Learns
  • Teaches
  • Solves problems
  • Makes decisions


NBI™ Admin Site

Corporate Users

If you have been given a user name and password please click here to complete your NBI™ on-line.

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