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Whole Brain Thinking
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This is an instrument which measures your thinking preferences as a student. Why is it that some students prefer a quiet environment whilst others seem to work well with loud music and a messy workplace? Why are some students keen on maths and science whilst others prefer the arts and humanities?

Subject choices at school – and career choice a little later – are key decisions for EVERY student!

Making the wrong choices can often lead to poor performance and years of frustration for the student, the teachers, and of course the parents.

Making an informed decision on the other hand can lead to a lot of satisfaction and achievement as a student as well as an interesting and rewarding career.

Because subject and career choice is so important for future success and happiness, the NBI™ Student Instrument is offered at a special subsidised rate!

The student instrument is available to suit two age groups – the junior student from age 8–15 years and the senior student from 15 years and above.

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