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This instrument identifies an individual's skills. You may have acquired skills in a particular area that is not really indicative of your thinking preference or you may have a very strong thinking preference in one area, but have never had the opportunity to develop the necessary skills.

It could happen that your personal skills profile differs from your thinking preference profile.  The most common reason for this happening is that preferring ("liking") something does not automatically mean you have the skills to execute or implement the preference.  You may like singing but not have any singing skills!

It is also possible that you may be highly skilled in two activities, both falling within the same quadrant, but only like using one of the skills sets.  You may therefore be good at doing something but not enjoy it, or conversely enjoy something but not be very good at it.

For example, a person may have excellent skills for accounting but have little or no preference for doing the work of an accountant.  It would be very difficult to sustain passion and energy, if the correlation between the preference profile and skills profile is low.

Comparing the skills profile with your adult preference profile will complete the picture for you.

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