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Examples of NBI™ applications

The following cases are just a few examples of work carried out using one or more of the NBI™ profiles:

  • The Thinking Network™ has been working with a major banking group throughout the Asia Pacific region to improve the communication and negotiation skills of senior Relationship Managers (RMs) people dealing with high value commercial clients.  Following the pilot workshops the bank's learning and development group undertook a feedback study to identify what improvements were evident.  As a result of feedback from the RMs on improved relationships and more sales achieved, the bank has decided to roll out the workshop throughout Asia from 2005.
  • A major international clothing company has used a number of items from the NBI™ suite.  The adult version of the NBI™ has been used with a number of groups throughout the organisation to facilitate better understanding of personal challenges in the face of major organisational change.  The Organisational Wellness Instrument has been used to establish a benchmark on current perceptions and will be repeated on a number of occasions to measure organisational change.  The NBI™ skills profile and preference profile has become a standard inclusion wherever a clear picture of job fit or job readiness is required.
  • A large group of high schools in Australia has chosen the NB™ to help teachers and students develop a more rounded approach to whole brain learning and teaching.  The results achieved by the pilot group have been outstanding.



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